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(This is a repost. Apparently I drafted it up back in August, but it didn't publish properly, so I wanted to share it now. :) )

This week was our "Staycation Week", so I thought I'd share a little of that on my blog. Nick had some vacation time that needed to be used (use it or lose it hours), so he took the week off and we've enjoyed spending some extra time together. His work schedule can be hectic, so it's nice getting to enjoy a laid back week together. 

The last time I saw my GI specialist, he changed 6 of the medicines I was on in an attempt to end the current flair that I'm in, which keeps me at home a lot.  (That number is not a typo). Needless to say, adjusting to new medicine and changing out old things can be extremely taxing. Since I haven't felt well, we decided a Staycation was a good idea instead of going somewhere away from home. We thought it would be fun to watch movies, enjoy some restaurants as a nice treat, and just do the simple things we enjoy together. 

These are some of the things we enjoyed this week. Mostly wondering around local shops, and enjoying a few restaurants together. :)

-On Saturday, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Of course, we got breakfast for dinner! We also had fun exploring their gift shop. All of their Halloween displays are out now, and they are adorable!

On Sunday, we celebrated my Mom's birthday with my mom, aunt, Nick, and I. We all had a good time! While we were there, my mom also gave me my birthday gift too since I hadn't seen her since before my birthday. It was a beautiful, vintage movie add for, "Breakfast at Tiffany's. "(One of my favorite movies!). I'm a bit gutted that I absolutely forgot to take birthday pictures with my mom while we were there. We were all to busy visiting and completely forgot, so I will have to remember to make up for it next time. 

Sunday night, we went to see, "Let's Be Cops". If you're looking for a funny movie to watch, definitely check that one out; it's hilarious! 

-On Monday, we mostly hung out at home and took it easy, just enjoying each other's company and watching a few movies with our furbabies.

-On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment. Afterwards, we were in a different part of town than we normally hang out in, so we decided to grab lunch at Caio Bella, and then we we went to a nearby book store, The Booksellers. Their store was adorable! Not only do they have a wide range of books, they also have a full cafe, household goods, friendly staff, and even had a book signing while we were there. It was a neat place to explore. I also found all three books that I've had saved on my "book wish list" for a while, so I'm excited to read these! 

On Wednesday, we had dinner at Colton's, then roamed around Wal-Mart for a few things. We found a few movies we wanted to watch on clearance, so we we made a movie night out of things! 

(How adorable are the metal cowboys from Colton's)

On Thursday morning, we woke up early and had breakfast at Bryant's. (It's one of Memphis' best spots for breakfast!) After breakfast, we went to check out, At Home. It used to be called, Garden Ridge, but they've changed the name. Thankfully, everything else is still the same though. We found it amusing that the Halloween and Christmas displays were side by side. That night we were going to Dixon Art Gallery, but neither of us felt up to it. Instead, we stayed in and watched, "Love It Or List It". Gotta love HGTV!

Friday night, I made some homemade chicken soft tacos for us, and we watched, "We're the Millers" on DVD. Our simple our date nights in are some of my very favorite! After dinner, we got dessert to go from Firebirds.

Chicken soft tacos

Sometimes it's fun to just have dessert to go and eat it at home after you've already cooked dinner. This was our dessert from Firebirds (creme brûlée cheesecake).

�� Bitch Perfect ��

Today I have an exciting new review on Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick line. This is my first experience with this brand and so far, I think it is fantastic! I recently purchased some Charlotte Tilbury products after a fellow YouTuber spiked my interest in her line. I trust his reviews, so I was quite pleased when Ms. Tilbury's line was made available in the US, so I could test them out. I ordered this product from Beautylish. (I've ordered from their company several times and have always been very pleased with the quality of the products they carry, the customer service, and the fast shipping. I use the Beautylish app on my cell phone.) 

This is my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, and let me just say, I'm in love with it! This is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in, "Bitch Perfect". Let's just be honest, I half got it for the clever name! 

My pictures do not do the packaging justice. In the photos, it appears gold, but the case is actually a beautiful rose gold color. It feels heavy in the hand and very well made. These lipsticks are made in Italy. They are paraben-free, and is available in the US through Beautylish. This shade I ordered is the perfect, classy pink nude. It will not make you look washed out. Although I have fair skin, I do feel that this shade will flatter multiple skin tones. The formula is a bit reminiscent of some MAC creme sheen lipsticks, but with a much better quality to it. There is a bit more slip, so it applies smoothly to the lip without tugging the delicate skin. It also has less grittiness to it as well, and more staying power without being overly drying. It has a faint hint of vanilla, yet not enough scent to offend anyone who prefers an unscented product. On my lips, the formula feels hydrating. (I always exfoliate my lips and moisturize before applying any lipstick.)

The price is $32. It is a bit steep if you're on a budget, but it is a solid quality product that should give you many uses, so I feel it's a good investment in a very wearable color. On occasion, the skin around my mouth can be sensitive, but this product did not irritate me, so even though it's not advertised, I do think this would be safe for someone with sensitive skin/lips to use as well. It also provides UV protection.

"Bitch Perfect" has nice staying power as well and does not bleed or feather outside of the lipline. One application with a lip brush has lasted through a meal and several glasses of water without showing signs of wear. When it eventually does wear down throughout the day, it is uniform on the lips, without making you look splotchy or leaving behind a ring. 

        (Swatched on the hand.)

Overall, this is a quality product, and is worth the investment. I'd highly recommend Ms. Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick line. If you're looking to invest in a great, pink neutral that you can wear during the day, or use to compliment a smokey eye at night, "Bitch Perfect" is a lovely shade. It can also be layered for a more intense look. The light-diffusing pigments in it give off a beautiful, multi-dimensional sheen to the lips, and make your teeth look whiter as well.  (I applied it with a lip brush, Wayne Goss no. 2. I will do a separate review on his brushes; they are lovely!)

It is recommended that you apply this lipstick with a brush for a more precise application. However, I tested the product by applying it both from the bullet, and also with a brush. Both methods worked well, if you favor one over the other or find yourself in a time crunch.

(A bit of a side note. It's been a while since my last post, apologies! It was necessary to allow myself to rest as I've been very sick. Long story short, I've had two trips to the hospital this month, and I'm still not 100% just yet.Hopefully my posts will become more frequent as my health begins to improve though.) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wigglebutt Wednesday!

Greetings from the Wigglebutts!

Frame 1: "Sorry I chewed up the cats toy, Mom."
Frame 2: "Haha j/k! It was delicious!" 
My little sous chef is feeling much better after a week of her medicine. :) 
"What's a handsome boy gotta do to get a refill around here?"
Ranger and his gecko
Isabella thinks Lucky is her pillow haha
"Muhahwh I've caught you, evil tail!" -Kojak
Sharing his bed with Isabella❤️
I covered her up, and then went to get a drink. She followed me into the kitchen still covered in the blanket lol.
Ranger with all of his "babies"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday: Lemon and Ginger from TeaPigs

For Tea Time today, I thought I'd share what I'm drinking at the moment, which is, "Lemon and Ginger" from TeaPigs. This is my first cup of tea in nearly a week, and it is delicious! I had to go on a bit of a tea hiatus when my doctors adjusted and changed some of the medication recently. (On that note, please excuse the lack of recent posts, I've been quite sick.) 

Onto the tea though! This is a delicious herbal infusion of lemon and ginger. It's not too tart from the lemon, nor is it too spicy from the ginger. The balance of both form the perfect flavor combination. This is a light enough tea to enjoy any time of the day. Since it's herbal and caffeine-free, I'm enjoying this one at 4:00am, hoping it will lull me back to sleep soon. ;) 

I let this steep for approximately 8 minutes before drinking. I like to steep my herbals a bit longer for more kick. The ingredient list includes whole forms of: ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel, and licorice root. 

The little box you see included in the picture is a mini sample. I purchased a sampler set from their website several months ago when I wanted to try out the brand. TeaPigs teas come in tea temples (pyramids) and contain whole leaf vs ground, for more flavor. Although I can see the convince in the tea temples if you don't want to fuss over loose-leaf, I do however wish they would also offer their blends in loose-leaf tins as well for those of us who prefer loose-leaf. (I will dedicate a future Tea Time post to the reasons I prefer loose-leaf, vs bags or temples.) 

If you're looking for a well balanced, flavorful herbal blend though, and enjoy the convince of tea pyramids/temples, then I'd really recommend, "Lemon and Ginger" from TeaPigs. Also, I had a very good experience with both shipping and the company in general, so I find them to be an excellent company! Some, not all of their teas are also available in Fresh Market, if you have one near you. 

Items mentioned in this post:

-Tea is from TeaPigs (I ordered from their US website.)
-Frog mug is from Pier 1 imports 
-Tea bag holder is from DLpottery's Etsy page

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Label your makeup!

Happy Monday, Beauties!

If you wear makeup, one of the best tips I can give you is to put a little label on each item with the expiration date. This will help you keep track of what's in your collection, make sure everything is being used up, and will help you know when to toss out expired items. No makeup product, regardless of the price tag, is worth a trip to the eye doctor because you used a product past it's prime and developed an infection. ;) 

Some makeup comes with a tiny box and a number beside it on the packaging; this tells you to use it within that amount of time before it expires. (Example: 6M = once opened, you need to use your product within 6 months, then replace it.) Not all products have that information because in the US, we don't have national standards for cosmetics. If you're not certain when your item expires, you can use a website like to enter the brand name, and the lot code on the product. While they don't have every brand on their website, they do have a large variety, so hopefully it will be helpful. (The lot code can be tiny, and often branded into the product itself, or on the label.) That website can tell you when the product was made (what batch it was in, the year, etc) and when it expires for many products. Just as a good rule of thumb, many products, even ones you haven't opened yet, have a shelf life of about 3 years before the chemicals begin to destabilize, which can make the products less effective. This means if you have products that have say in you're collection unopened/unused for several years, it may still be bad because it's reached its shelf life. Natural/organic cosmetics expire more quickly because of the ingredients they use in them. This is why it's important to label everything as soon as you purchase it, and know when your products need to be replaced.

I hope this little tip helps you enjoy your makeup more safely! 

(I used a label maker to put little date labels on each of my items so I'll know when they expire. The picture I've included is just an example of a few ways you can adhere to the labels to your products. If you do not have a label maker, you could also use a fine tipped sharpie and place a piece of tape over it to prevent smudging. I also recommend apps like BeautyCache for photographing each item, listing the price, brand, shade, and dates so you know what's in your collection that way as well. If your on a beauty low/no-buy, that app is an excellent way to keep you on track! 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wigglebutt Wednesday: A sick Kelti Koo

We've had a sick little Aussie girl in our home today. Mykelti gave me a bit of a scare earlier in the day when she became violently ill, so I rushed her over to the vet. They checked her out and made sure there was no blockage or other issues going on, and then eventually gave us the "ok" to head back home, thankfully. She'll be taking some medicine for a few weeks, and then should be back to her normal, energetic self soon. They think she has a severe bacterial infection, based on the samples they tested. (We aren't sure what caused it.) In the mean time, she's enjoying the extra TLC including fresh baked chicken & rice, and Gatorade to keep her hydrated.

She was a good girl at the vets office. She smiles all the time, even when she doesn't feel well. 
"Wait a minute! This is the vet's office, not the pet store. Lies!!"
Back home, all snuggled in and feeling better.

For anyone wondering, Mykelti is a Standard Australian Shepherd, 3 years old, and weights 45lbs. She is a Blue Merle with tan and white points, and Heterochromia. (Her eyes are different colors.) 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend married her sweetheart yesterday! It was such a beautiful ceremony! I thought I would share a bit of the celebrations from yesterday.❤️����

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tea Time and 29

Royal Albert (Old Country Roses)

Today was my birthday, so I wanted to share a bit of that in today's post. For my birthday, I received my china dream come true: an Old Country Roses set from Royal Albert! It actually took up residence in our home on the 4th of July when Nick took me to pick out the patten I wanted, but being a more traditional person, I didn't allow myself to use it until my official birthday today! :) To go along with the beautiful china, I broke out the sample of Harney and Son's, "Birthday Tea" blend that I purchased with my last order. I was saving it especially for my birthday to have something to look forward to. 

This is a unique blend to say the least. Upon opening the package I thought I was really going to dislike this tea because it smells a bit reminiscent of children's cough syrup. After brewing it however, everything steeped into a wonderful, fruity tea with a gorgeous red color. So, don't let the initial scent before brewing throw you off to this tea if you are wanting to try it. Once steeped, it's quite lovely. The ingredients are listed as: Hibiscus, rosehips, decaf Ceylon, raspberry flavor, blueberry flavor, pomegranate flavor, vanilla flavor, spearmint, peppermint, marigold petals, cornflowers, natural and artificial flavors. 

Overall, I'm enjoying this tea. I'm currently winding down the day with another cup of it. While it is good, there are others prefer more, so this won't be a repurchase for me right now. This would make a cute addition to a birthday gift for any tea lover though. The full size comes in a fun, colorful tin with 20 sachets and you can order it from the Harney and Sons website. This sample I used is loose-leaf, which I prefer. 
The ride on the way to dinner earlier. One of my favorite things about Summer,  is the lush green trees that line the roads. (I wasn't driving.) 
Birthday shenanigans with Nick.❤️

Annual birthday picture with Ranger and Mykelti. ��
Birthday goodies from my love and the furbabies. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

An Ode to Command Hooks

I love Command Hooks *almost* as much as I love tea time! I use them all over our home to organize with; they are such fantastic little ways to organize clutter in a home! I decided to reorganize the inside of the cabinet door tonight and add a few more hooks. (You might be a tea addict if you have a cabinet door devoted to tea accessories.��)  ☕️��☕️ 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

This pathetically speaks for itself.